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" GLACÉ Dessert Artisanal would always be - firstly - a Melbourne - grown Dessert Shop with a bit of International influence through its techniques.


We believe in transparency throughout all of our ingredients and products. We believe that our continuous efforts in using only high quality ingredients in our products would yield in creation of  our

superior dessert creations.


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At GLACÉ, we really pride ourselves to say that we "make everything here".

It all began when I (Christy) came to Australia from France where I spent quite a bit of time mastering the art of French Pastry. I was born in Indonesia, trained in France and from the moment I came to Victoria, I was taken by the rich natural resources this state could offer. From the quality of its milk, delicious creamery produces, fresh eggs, seasonal fruit, to its people.

Through my years developing myself as Pastry Chef here, I familiarised myself with quite a few of Australian flavours while in the same time keeping the root of my classical French Pastry training.

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GLACÉ was born through these experiences, meetings, and years of training.


Now " I " become "We". We are a bunch of friends; family I would say. We are putting our heart and passion everyday into creating some of the most creative, delicious desserts that we could offer to Australia's audience.

Last but not least, We hope you would enjoy your experience coming into the shop and exploring our sweet ranges. Ask us about anything you need to know about our products, from the ingredients to the process. 


Christy Tania

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