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Chocolate Stout Cake is HERE!

Ready for the next Bake? Easter had passed and some of you probably slumping down to the couch and go “Now What??”

Well... Remember that Birthdays where you guys guys supposed to get together? Or remember that cake videos how-to that you have been saving in your instagram tag? What about just wanting a cake? Maybe that would give you reason to drop a slice of in front of each door around your block? But just BUYING it would feel not really special at this time around isn’t it? What about MAKING it? With a bit of help from us from the distance of course!

Here it is, for our second online class session, it’s the ever curious, moist and delicious Chocolate Stout Cake! Not really into the rich flavour of stout? You can replace it with Diet Cola or sparkling apple juice!

We are going to release the video this Friday with full recipe just like before. For now however, we have released 2 different Pre-Measured Mix Pack for this Cake here.

Pack 1: Pick Up/ Drop Off package

We created this so you DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING is in this package, from butter to eggs to yoghurts. ALL ready scaled, apart from the stout (you can drink half of that).

What's in The Package: Full Recipe of Chocolate Stout Cake Dry Ingredients (Flour and Stuf) Chocolate Powder Caramelised Nuts Whipped Chocolate Ganache Dark Stout Greek Yoghurt 2 Eggs and Butter

Pack 2: Postal Delivery package

This package is for those of you who live to far away from our drop off service reach, can’t pick up on that day or live interstate. This package is cheaper than the other one since you still need to have some basic pantry items to finish the cake; apart from that, everything is pre-scaled just like the other package!

What’s in the package:

Full Recipe of Chocolate Stout Cake Dry Ingredients (Flour and Stuf) Chocolate Powder Caramelised Nuts

What you need: 2 eggs, butter, stout/cola/sparkling juice, cream, yoghurt

We even would have the candle ready for you to celebrate! We are also spreading this offer to 2 weeks so you can plan ahead!

Stay IN, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!

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