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Chocolate Stout Cake VIDEO and RECIPE

Hi Everyone! Hoping you all a somewhat great weekend during this interesting time! We started to feel the cabin fever kicked in, and are feeling a bit restless. Fret not! Keep calm and bake on!

As promised, to fill in your weekend or just simply to earmark next activity, here are both the how-to videos and recipes on the making of our Chocolate Stout Cake. It is filled with Whipped Chocolate Ganache and Caramelised Nuts.

Some of you have ordered our Pre-Measured Mix Pack of this cake which contains pre-measured ingredients you need to create this. If you purchase the Pick Up/ Drop Off Package, it would contain EVERYTHING from the eggs to butter and yoghurt, all already scaled up. It even would also contain the Ganache already made, ready to whip and the Caramelised Nuts ready to sprinkle!

If you purchase the Postal Package, it would be cheaper than the other package since there are components we still need you to grab and scale from your own pantry :) ... we mean, can’t post eggs 😅

If you guys are not fussy over the Stout or prefer the non-alcoholic version, you could replace it with Diet Cola or sparkling apple juice. In this video you would be guided along with additional tips and clear step-by-step how to. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email or Direct Message through our social media channels.

We are still opening our Mix Pack order for another week, but do remember, once we move on to our next package offering, we would remove the current one. So stash away!

Stay IN, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!

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