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Ready to Bake?

It was a heart-shattering decision for us to close the doors of our shops; albeit temporarily. We had worked our hardest, invest in our most precious - money AND time- to keep the wheel running everyday so we could bring the finest desserts to you.

Then Pandemic happens.

We had our fair share of anger, fear and confusion; however it is VERY CLEAR that the best that we can do for now is to STAY HOME.

How to stay sane though? it's another different scenario altogether. Time now is at abundance while money is not. We have now shifted our eyes during this trying time from creating finest desserts, to encourage you to create finest moments. Remember this time. Take the learning. Find your silver lining.

Therefore, we have decided to offer a biweekly FREE step-by-step baking/cooking video classes complete with FREE recipes that everyone; literally EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE can access.

What kind of Desserts or Dishes are we going to learn?

We endeavour to publish videos and dishes that are RELEVANT to your need.

Easter is coming? Hot Cross Bun it is.

Stuck at home with a birthday coming up? How does Chocolate Beer Cake with Dark Chocolate Beer Ganache and Caramel Pecan sounds like?

Finally admitting that those bubble tea actually tastes good? What about if we make Ice Cream Bubble Tea together?

The idea is to create very budget friendly, yet creative dishes with as little equipments required as possible; after all this is not an episode of "Nailed It!". This is an effort to bring little wins into your life.


Please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list, so you would be the first to know when we upload new classes. Also, if you have kids, this would be a perfect time to get them involved.

But we run out of flour and have no weighing scales ready. Should I buy those?

This programme is born because of the NEED for you to stay home and the importance of building quality time with yourself/ your family with as little financial commitment as possible. We don't want you to run around in supermarket aisles trying to find low-stock items or buy 100 gr cinnamon powder while the recipe only calls for 5 gr.

So we pre-measure the ingredients for you!

Sure there will be parts that we don't provide like water or butter or eggs; but we hope you have them from your survival-stocking shopping trip last week? :)

Make sure you buy enough of the pre-measured packages, because once we move on to the new videos, those packages won't be available anymore. ie; maybe buy 2 packets of those hot cross bun mixes if you would like to repeat the success next week?

Get your pre-measured ingredient packages from our "SHOP" page


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