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Hot Cross Bun is HERE!

Welcome to your #xx days being cooped up in-house! If you are not because you have to go to work in hospital/ clinic/ school/ childcare/ supermarket/ other essential service line; we are clapping for your over here and thanking you for your service. If you are not because you want to go to the beach or fishing...not cool! GET BACK INSIDE!

Easter is less than a week; and Hot Cross Bun is a staple for the period. For sure you can grab some from your nearest supermarket or bread shop; but if you are looking to spend your time more productively instead of going out fighting the crowd only to realise what you're after is out of stock, we have created this Hot Cross Bun how-to Online Class. Our very first online class!

From our Shop page here, you can either purchase our ready-made buns (six pieces or a dozen) or our Pre-Measured Mix Pack.

The pack is prepared for a dump-mix-bake approach; everything was ready scaled to the recipe. Our Online Video Class however, would walk you through step-by-step of everything, so the next Easter if you want to make everything from scratch - from measuring to baking -; you have the all the details you need.

Make sure you buy enough Mix Pack this time around, one Pack would yield 15 to 16 buns. Once we roll over to new class, the Mix Pack of the previous class won't be available. So, if you would like to repeat the Hot Cross Bun success story next week, make sure you buy 2 packages :)

What's in the Hot Cross Bun Mix Pack?

1) Flour and Other Dry Stuff (All of them! salt, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc)

2) Dry Fruit

3) Yeast pack (come in tiny envelope, don't scare your Mum!)

4) Cross dough mix

5) FULL Recipe of the HCB Ingredients with instructions

What to BYO?

1) Water (wash your hands while you're at it)

2) Vegetable/ Canola Oil (3 tbsp)

THIS BUN IS VEGAN! But if you would like to replace the Vegetable Oil with melted butter, we won't judge either :) :) You do YOU!

We are offering 3 different delivery methods: Pick Up at our Windsor store, Drop Off (2 window slots) and Postal delivery. For the last method, to make sure you receive the Pack before Easter, make sure you place your order before Midnight on Sunday 5th April 2020. More details available when you click the individual product page.

Our step-by-step FREE Video Class with FULL recipe would be released on Wednesday 8th April 2020.

Till then,

Stay IN, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!

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