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Hot Cross Bun VIDEO & RECIPE


Happy Easter everyone!

Welcome to our first Online Class Video release. This quick Video would be our step-by-step visual companion to the Hot Cross Bun Recipe attached below, or through the physical copy that you receive in our Pre-Measured Mix Pack

Again, you can access this blog at anytime and anywhere of your convenience.

By now, some of you who have ordered our Mix Pack might have already received it. You are welcome to get baking straight-away! We would launch a live, interactive Q&A online session through ZOOM (Virtual Meeting) this Good Friday, 10th April 2020 at 10 AM Melbourne/ Sydney time.

SO if you have any questions with regards to this recipe, you can either direct email us at or direct message us through any of our social media handles or just ask it straight away during that LIVE session.

We would then send the ZOOM link to EVERYONE through email, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive the link , and all you can do to join the interactive Q&A session would be just a click away!

If you feel like baking, and live locally; but don't feel like scaling or going out on mission to find that last bag of flour in some supermarket aisle at faraway place, you can purchase the ingredients, pre-measured at your convenience here.

Thank you very much again for dropping in, and till the next class release, Stay IN, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!

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