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Every Wednesday - Sunday, 8AM - 5PM (Windsor)

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3 slots of Delivery time each week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 5 PM

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5 km radius - $10 fee or free for order of more than $100

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10 km - $20 fee or free for order of more than $100

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15 km - $30 fee or free for order of more than $150

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Finish-At-Home Package - Chocolate Hazelnut Babka w/ Chocolate Sauce & Ice Cream


Traditional Babka with our very own house-made Chocolate Hazelnut Spread filling (think of Nutella, but better!)


All you have to do is just to proof the Babka dough, stick the tray into oven, and wait to embrace the brilliant chocolatey goodness 


What's inside:

Baking Instruction

1 x Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Babka ready-to-bake

1 x 500 ml Ice Cream Tub of your choice

1 x Sticky Chocolate Sauce


Contains Gluten and Hazelnut


Chocolate Hazelnut Babka w/Chocolate Sauce & Ice Cream

Add Candle
500ml Tub Ice Cream

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