PLEASE READ: Our Crownies is available for PICK UP and DROP OFF ONLY - for now, stay tuned for updates on postal service  availability soon!


Pick-Up Details:


Windsor Shop - 48 Punt Road, Windsor 3181 OR

Emporium Shopping Centre - Melbourne CBD



Every Wednesday - Sunday, 8AM - 5PM (Windsor)

Please order at least 24 hours prior to pick up


Daily, 10AM - 5PM (Emporium CBD)

Please order at least 48 hours prior to pick up


Drop Off Delivery Details:

3 slots of Delivery time each week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 5 PM

Available for covered Suburbs only

Please order at least 24 hours prior to delivery


Areas Covered:

5 km radius - $10 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode: 3000,3002,3004,3005,3006,3019,3121,3122,3123,3141,3142,3143,3144,3161,3162,3181,3182,3183,3184,3185,3205,3206,3207


10 km - $20 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode:



15 km - $30 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode:




"CROWNIES" = Cookies + Brownie


what happened when a Cookie and a Brownie really really really care about each other, fall in love, and get isolated together. A Crownie was born.


Gooey, melty, soft and decadently rich Chocolate Brownie sandwiched between Crunchy Buttery Cookies. 



Standard Size, pack of 3



“CROWNIES” - (Standard) Pack of 3 - Pick Up/ Drop Off Only

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