PLEASE READ: Our Gateaux de Voyage range is available for PICK UP and DROP OFF ONLY - for now, stay tuned for updates on postal service  availability soon!


Pick-Up Details:


Windsor Shop - 48 Punt Road, Windsor 3181 OR

Emporium Shopping Centre - Melbourne CBD



Every Wednesday - Sunday, 8AM - 5PM (Windsor)

Please order at least 24 hours prior to pick up


Daily, 10AM - 5PM (Emporium CBD)

Please order at least 48 hours prior to pick up


Drop Off Delivery Details:

3 slots of Delivery time each week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 5 PM

Available for covered Suburbs only

Please order at least 24 hours prior to delivery


Areas Covered:

5 km radius - $10 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode: 3000,3002,3004,3005,3006,3019,3121,3122,3123,3141,3142,3143,3144,3161,3162,3181,3182,3183,3184,3185,3205,3206,3207


10 km - $20 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode:



15 km - $30 fee or free for order of more than $100

Eligible postcode:






"Gateaux de Voyage" = Travel Cake

Serves into 6 - 8 slices

best consumed/ served at ROOM TEMPERATURE

Last up to 1 week outside of fridge, up to 3 weeks in fridge


3 flavours option:


1) Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache centre and Dark Chocolate coating with Roasted Hazelnut pieces


2) Matcha (Green tea) Cake with Candied Mandarine pieces, and Citrus Milk Chocolate Ganache Centre with White Chocolate Matcha Coating


3) Lemon Cake soaked in Lemon Rum Syrup, Citrus Marmalade centre and Candied Peel


Contains Gluten


Gateaux de Voyage

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